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Weiner New Photos TMZ


Weiner New Photos TMZ - The images posted during the night were allegedly taken in the gymnasium of the members of the House  Weiner and shows a topless with a towel around his waist and his hand on his crotch. TMZ says that the photos were submitted online for at least one woman.

U.S. House Democratic leaders prompted the war-torn New York politician Anthony Weiner to leave because of his sex scandal texting, he reviewed an application for a temporary leave of absence to undergo treatment.

The chairman of the Republican Party criticized Democratic leaders for not taking a stronger stance on the matter before, that overshadowed much of the legislative activity on Capitol Hill last week.
Weiner acknowledged messages and sexually explicit photographs that range from explicit with several women online and later appeared on the surface of the entertainment Web site TMZ.

Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the number two House Democrat, talked about  bizarre behavior and unacceptable  Weiner of texting inappropriate pictures of himself to young women. Hoyer said there would be  extremely difficult  Weiner to continue to represent their constituents effectively.
In New York, crashed Weiner opponents and supporters outside his district office in Kew Gardens section of Queens.
, he is fit to be our MP  said Jim Scott, 61, one of about two dozen voters who came together to demand that Weiner resign.  People are tired of him, especially his stance. 
Half a dozen supporters gathered Weiner few meters away. Lurrie college student Olivia, 18, said Weiner was a great leader who made a mistake.
In a recent survey of registered voters in the district Weiner, said the 56 percent that he should remain in office, while 33 percent said he should go.
Weiner, a sincere liberal, was known for his sharply worded criticism of Republican policy in the House floor and frequently appeared on news programs to cable television.
Weiner announced Saturday that he entered professional treatment at an undisclosed place and wanted to leave Congress. The declaration of an aide does not say where he will receive treatment or what was involved.
The announcement came shortly after the House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairman of the National Party, said Weiner will go.
Weiner acknowledged at a news conference Monday that he had lied earlier to say he had not sent any pictures. Pelosi immediately asked a research ethics committee. But it was not until the weekend that Democratic leaders say he should resign.
Hoyer said the process of ethics committee to determine if Weiner had committed a criminal offense would take time and expellable , I really do not know if we have this time. He said he did not see how Weiner could stay in office.
Republican Paul Ryan, said Weiner should retire.  We have an important job to do and this is a ridiculous distraction , he said in an appearance with Hoyer on Face the Nation on CBS television.



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