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Amber Rose Leaked Photos


Amber Rose Leaked Photos - After reports throughout the blogosphere set the Web ablaze with rumors that Amber sent naked photos of herself to Nicki Minaj's boyfriend, the curvy beauty decided to quell all the talk by addressing the brouhaha with multiple tweets.

Amber Rose confirmed that the photos were indeed hers but vehemently denied that she sent the photos on by tweeting, "These blogs do nothing but try to ruin ppls lives I DID NOT send pics to anyones boyfriend pls stop with the lies. Its so ridiculous. Smh."

Amber Rose continued her rant yesterday and there seems to be some serious fallout professionally for the model although it appears as that the incident has not negatively affected her relationship with rapper Wiz Khalifa.

"No matter what I go thru or how embarrassed I am I have a man that Loves me & amp; has my back thru everything. @RealWizKhalifa thank u. :-)," said amber on Twitter. Some hours later, Amber Rose clearly had more to say, alleging that he leak was an inside job, blaming a former employee.

"I trusted someone that worked FOR me & allowed them to use my laptop a million times, I caught this person sending my pics to themselves and I fired this person immediately Wiz & amp; I & amp; both of our families have known about this for 2 months now," tweeted Amber Rose.

Amber Rose said the photos were over two years old and went on to say that the leak caused one company working with her to cut off business relations. Cool as a cucumber, Wiz Khalifa lovingly tweeted, "Everyday I Wake Up Next To The Most Beautiful Wife. And Bake Up To The Most Beautiful Life" in support of his girlfriend.



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