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Hot Larissa Riquelme Photos Streaking After the World Cup


Hot Larissa Riquelme Photos Streaking  After the World Cup - Paraguay glamour model Larissa Riquelme, who has become an integral part of this tournament, cheering on her team with great enthusiasm and some front, won't be streaking through the streets of Asuncion - Paraguay were beaten by Spain on Saturday, again in the quarter-finals.

Larissa Riquelme had promised to copy Maradona if Paraguay won the World Cup. I honestly wish that women in North America would support their teams with the same amount of enthusiasm! If July Black promised to flash the ACC if the Raps won the championship, even in jest, we could turn the entire debacle that is our home and native franchise around. Hell, I think we could get Pam Anderson to do the same for the Leafs. Somebody get the Rogers group on the phone. We need to start making some offers.

I read about Larissa Riquelme decision to go streaking in Paraguay after the World Cup even though Paraguay lost to Spain in the Semi-Final, Larissa Riquelme went on to say “I’m going to get nak*d in the semifinals or in the final, I don’t care” (NSFW Link). Larissa Riquelme is a lingeri* model in Paraguay as well as an Axe spokesperson… and when I say Axe spokesperson, I mean she got paid to write “Axe” on her ti*ties during one of the games (I love capitalism). Larissa Riquelme is awesome. Did you see her sheer enthusiasm in the pics from the World Cup games? Larissa Riquelme a die-hard fan, no matter what. I look forward to seeing “fulfill Larissa Riquelme promise” to the team once this is all over.



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